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Where's ya patience at?

Patience is a lesson I've been working at all my life. Hear me clear now, it's not easy to wait for what you want, what you've worked for, and what is meant for you but it's worth it. I truly believe the quote "trust the process" was talking about these patience portal treats. Yes, I've dubbed patience a portal, lol, soley because it feels like you've been sucked into a mini purgatory when you want to see change or something new blossom in your life.

But wait, there's treats!!!

  • INSIGHT | awaits if you don't turn in the towel on the tough times.

Growth is slow & steady.

  • EXPERIENCE | if you're the person that needs things to be absolutely perfect before you begin a new thing, ditch that ish quick.

You won't know what it was like to become if you skipped the time to create.

  • STRENGTH | is the involuntary step child of patience.

I mean, but did you die though?

  • INNER PEACE | follows our submission to the temper tantrums of life.

The universe speaks, we just gotta sit down, shut up & listen.

  • KINDNESS | is an after shock of patience.

I'd be a lot nicer too if I found peace inside the storm.

SOOOOOOooooOOOOO, Where's your patience at?

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