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Balance in Rebuilding

At times situations don't go as planned but what does God care about our plans anyway?! Yes, we can set our intentions and move intentionally but things can still be a bit off of what the blueprints were outlined to be. Never fear, there's liberation in working through the hard stuff.


A new year doesn't have to mean the previous years didn't serve anything worth posting about. Celebrate the fact that we made it. Everything might not have worked out just yet, you might not have a clear and pristine picture of where it's all going but in time there will be moments of clarity & lit pathways that were once fog filled. Get ready for the beautiful new beginnings that will thrust us into the manifestations of our hearts. We just have to continue to put one foot in front of the other with the expectation of victory.


Listen to EPISODE 11 of the Balance Movement Podcast to find out what tools I use in my rebuilding phases. Comment your tools below and let's grow together.

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