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When doing a bunch becomes tew much. ep 002 - Finding Balance [MOXIE MAVENS UNITE]

I don't know how many times I've said I wish there were more hours in the day but I know I've said it a ton. On the other hand, I've prayed a many prayer asking God to bless me with more opportunities that were guaranteed to fill up my already hectic schedule. The desire to be more, achieve more & accomplish short & long term goals are real. Can a girl just be successful in peace?


The answer is yes, you can achieve your dreams without exceeding your physical limits. I know no one wants to admit it but we were not created to do everything at once. We have to knock out that to-do list one task at a time. Here's a little reminder/note to self, give yourself permission to rest, re-center and move from one task to the next gracefully. All of the hustle and bustle can lead to melt downs and let downs. Pace yourself and you will gain the balance to flourish in and through every endeavor.

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