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Balance Voyage

So many quotes come to mind when I think of life's process. "Trust the process", "be gentle with yourself", "it's not a sprint it's a marathon" and the list goes on and on. I don't think we realize how often life tries to remind us of our strength, beauty and stamina by forcing us to take the long way around a reward. It's up to us to check-in with ourselves along the way, to get us to our destinations with our heads screwed on straight. No, it's not easy but it's worth it.


Finding the time to love on ourselves amidst all of the 1,999 tasks we must do a day is a therapeutic peace, that most of us miss because we fall asleep before we congratulate ourselves for making it through the day. As I've been moving towards balance on a continuum, I have had to journey with a few things in mind.

My MOXIE is a tool for empowerment that has to be exercised without remorse.

My motivation are my goals & family, so I must stay optimistic about my future and get a lil xany for my tasks, while using my intelligence to solve the tough stuff. Keeping an easy-going outlook eases my anxiety and allows me to go with the flow when things don't go my way.

And there it is, MOXIE at work.

What tools do you utilize on your pursuit to peace?

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