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Balance That Brings Abundance ep. 001-Self Awareness

Often times, if we are goal-getting, MOXIE mavins in our professional lives, it begins to seep into our personal routine sooner than later. Yes, we all want to be able to meet the deadlines, have dinner set by 630p and still get a little time to pamper ourselves before we throw up our hands and call it quits on our to-do lists but who are we kidding, balance is key to every happy relationship. Even the relationship we have with ourselves requires routine maintenance.


Work, play, rest and reflection all come together to expand our perspective, increase our peace and broaden our knowledge, without one, the other will suffer. By all means, if you know the name of the person who can get it all done in a day, please send them my way cause, ya girl could definitely use the insight, shoot I could use the help. Back in the day when I was a SAVAGE at all of my endeavors I would rarely extend myself the grace I needed to grow, which left me burnt out more than I would like.


I would often try to find out how many cc's of caffeine would it take for me to push through the ten pound bags under my eyes and hair style that had been carelessly preserved for more than 3 days. Only to find that working through my lunches didn't make my to-do list any shorter and keeping the hustle going after hours puts a strain on my peace. The only thing that lowers stress levels and eliminates brain fog is good ole R&R so that work life balance thing is NO JOKE. I'm not saying to go in your house and never return to civilization. I'm just saying you deserve the same undivided attention you give to your business. Make it your business to be balanced.

How are you feeling? What are some things that could use some balance to enhance your self awareness?

Let's get honest with ourselves and get the balance we need to thrive, not just survive. Check out the PODCAST #BalancedMovementPodcast Follow us on IG @moxiebymaine #BALANCECHALLENGE

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