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The Disproportionate Balancing Act

Some of us have trouble clocking out of our jobs mentally. While others consider life to be one big playground. No matter the imbalance, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to listen to our guides. Yes, I know "guides" sound SUPER 'spiritual' and what not, but we don't have to travel outside of ourselves for guidance. Our bodies give us cues on when and how to shift, and it's the same with those butterflies that make our bellies a home at the thought of hard decisions or unique situations.


Balance brings clarity that choas cannot. When we do our part in working smart, playing hard & taking the necessary time to restore fully, we give our internal scales a good tuning. Whether it's a spa day, time with friends or a good book take the time you need to, move slow homie and when it comes to work, through on some RiRi and get to it fam. Organize your thoughts, set your intentions & lead with your moxie.

You've got this!

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