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Balance Amidst Mourning

2020 & 2021 have a had some bumpy roads, paved with loss, discouragement and anguish for many around our world. Grief is not a one size fits all. It comes in different forms & at different times for everyone. Naturally we handle hard situations uniquely because of previous life experiences. Despite past traumas and habits make sure to be honest with your emotions throughout the storm. Identifying hurt and acknowledging pain moves you closer to healing.

Be gentle with yourself.


You don't have to figure it all out. You don't have to deal with it all on your own. Utilizing available support can help in navigating through grief. There are counselors, support groups, therapist, friends and family members available to lend a listening ear and/or sound advise, but I do recommend seeking the assistance of a trained professional.

Mourning can be complex.

Give yourself the freedom to experience it in a way that works for you

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